Kitchen Utensil

  • Wood grain spatula five pieces set

    Wood grain spatula five pieces set

    1.Product edge polished, more rounded and smooth. 2.Mirror polishing, easy to clean. Made of stainless steel, mirror polished, fully functional, handle wood fine workmanship. The set includes spatula, frying spatula, soup spoon and colter, rice spoon.
  • Kitchen silicone 12 sets

    Kitchen silicone 12 sets

    Size: Egg beater 25.5*6 tablespoon 22.5*7 drain 30.5*8 large scrape 27*5.5 whole spatula 33*9.5 Salad spatula 28.6*5.5 colander 30.5*9 powder claw 33*9.8 Tablespoon 28.6*5.5 Medium sweep 30.5*9 9 inches food clip 21*3.5 buckets 24*9.5 Weight: Egg beater 38g rice spoon 89g drain 85g large scraper 81g one scraper 102g salad spatula 85g colander 106g powder claw 71g soup spoon 98g good sweep 71g 9-inch food clip 113g bucket 94G Feature: Food grade silicone material, 12 piecies can meet the needs...

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